Wind Storm Damage to Grain Bins and Nearby Structures

Ongoing research attempts to generate a fundamental understanding of the performance of steel grain bins and nearby agricultural structures to high winds. The motivation for this research stems from the significant impact of windstorms to agricultural communities and the need to enhance their resiliene. The Wittich Research Group welcomes information from individual producers regarding storm damage to steel grain bins and nearby structures. All information is used for research purposes only and helps inform ongoing efforts to develop predictive models for bin damage as a function of wind speed.

Interested producers can share photos and information regarding their bin damage in several ways:

  • Using the Google Form below, if they have a Google account (requires log-in):
  • Via email to:
    Please include the date of the storm, your location (specific appreciated, but city/state is okay), description of the bins and damage (written response and/or images), and your contact information if you are willing to be contacted by the research team for additional questions and/or a site visit.

Any and all information provided by producers is greatly appreciated!